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"The new functionality allows you to assign fixed desks to one or more users."

Last update
February 15, 2022


  • Your organization can assign you a fixed desk with a configurable start and end time.
Bookings are not required to use these desks.
  • Fixed desks cannot be booked by other users during the hours that have been assigned to you.
You do NOT have to check in.
  • A desk can be assigned to 1 or more users, as long as the schedules do not match.
  • You can check the details of your fixed desk from the "Home” view and from "My profile".
  • You may release your fixed desk, if it is only assigned to you, when:
  1. You release it manually.
  2. It is automatically released if the calendar module is enabled.
  3. It's outside the time range assigned to you.
  • If you have a fixed desk assigned, you can still make a "standard" desk booking for the same time that you are assigned your fixed desk, since the fixed desk is an assignment and not a booking.
  • If the Calendar module is contracted, the desk is automatically released and bookings cannot be made for these resources, depending on the work status, if configured.

VIEW: Home

  • The text "My bookings for today" has been changed to "My resources for today (1)". The number of bookings is shown in parentheses.
  • Fixed resources will now also appear in this section as individual cards. They will be displayed throughout the day, even if it is outside the assignment time range. This card will show a green label on the top right with the word "ACTIVE" or a red label with the text "RELEASED" only during the released period. These cards will also display the text "fixed desk" or "fixed parking space".
  • These cards now show "View details" instead of "View booking", which will take the user to the booking record, or to the resource record, depending on whether it is a booking or a fixed resource.
  • At the top of this view there is a shortcut to "My released resources for today", which will show a dialog box of all the resources that have been released, whether  a desk or a parking space.

VIEW: Resource Card

Your fixed resources will not appear in the "Bookings" tab.

VIEW: My Profile

"My profile" > "My fixed resources" in this view the fixed resources you have are displayed, both desk and parking. When clicking on each it opens the resource card.

VIEW: Booking form

  • The operation of the search is as follows:
  1. First, the search will check availability among the hot desks and, if there are no resources, a dialog box will be returned inviting you to search among the released fixed desks.
  2. If you agree to continue searching from the previous dialog box, and there are no resources either, you will be returned the standard message suggesting you change the search criteria.

VIEW: 1-click bookings and random bookings - booking form

  • The search operates as always, that means fixed desks will be excluded from the results; if no results are found, a dialog box will be displayed with this message, inviting you to look for released fixed desks that match your booking hours. If you agree, releases that are compatible with the criteria entered in the booking form will be sought.

VIEW: Releases

A desk that is assigned to more than one user can NEVER be released OR booked by others (even if there are free hours).

  • You can release your fixed desk once per day and within your assigned time slot, in 15-minute timeframes, selecting the start and end time, complying with the following rules:
  1. Release the entire schedule (from the start time to the end time of your assignment).
  2. Release from the start time of the assignment up to an "x" hour:
  • When the switch "from start time" is activated, the first interval of 15 mins will be displayed in the "end time" field (for example 8:15 if the assigned start time is 8:00).
  • When the start time has passed, the first interval of 15 mins from the current time will be displayed in the "end time" field (for example 12:15 if it´s currently 12:04).
It will be possible to release the fixed desk, even if the assigned start time has passed.  

For example, I have a fixed position from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., if now it is 11:00 a.m. I can still release from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

  1. Release from "x" hour to the end time of the assignment:
  • When the "to end time" switch is activated, a 15 min interval drop-down will be displayed in the "start time" field starting from the assigned start time to the last 15 min interval before the assigned end time (18:45 if the assigned end time is 19:00).
  • When we are releasing during the current day, the first interval of 15 mins from the current time will be shown in the "start time" drop-down field (12:15 if it is currently 12:04 for example).
It is possible to cancel a release up to 1 minute before the start time of the release.
  • To cancel a release, we go to the booking card and there we can cancel our releases one by one or cancel them all.
  • If there are no releases, the "Cancel All" button is not displayed.
  • The release must be for the whole time slot assigned for fixed single booking desks (from the start time to the end time of the assignment).

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